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If You Take a Night Away From the Twins

Originally posted on Huffington Post

Sometimes it's hard to make yourself go, there are so many reasons for you to say no. The babies will miss me, they will get hurt. They will end up rolling in a pile of dirt.

But all those days you are up and then down, doing your errands all over town. Playing games, stopping fights, cutting up food into itty bitty bites.

You're wiping tears and runny noses; what you need is to stop and smell the roses.

Just think of all the things you could do, if you were just you, and no longer two. You could eat (while it's hot) you could eat (sitting down), You could lay by the pool with a drink and a crown.

You could see what it looks like outside after dark, You could walk (and not play around) in the park.

Remember your husband? You can hold hands. You can go on adventures in new and strange lands.

So go on out, call a sitter or two, so you can remember what it's like to be you.

You don't have to go far, you can even stay near if that will help you conquer your fear.

Take a breath and let go. It will be worth it, trust me, I know.

You'll come back refreshed, you'll come back so new, you'll come back ready to tackle those two.

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