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I See You Mamma, And You're Doing Great

Originally posted on Huffington Post

Hi there. I'm talking to you mamma.

I see you quietly praying for a fast grocery line.

I see you bending over to pick up another toy/sippy cup/shoe that was thrown out of the stroller.

I see your arms working tirelessly to carry the weight of your child, and I feel the straps of your diaper bag digging into your shoulders.

I see your mind working, turning, multi-tasking, and planning ahead.

I see your unwashed hair, the food on your pants, and that wild look in your eyes.

I see you trying to choose the right foods, the right toys, and the right life for your baby.

I feel your sleepless nights, and I yawn with the thought of your early mornings.

I feel your love, and I know that it soars so deep, it can sometimes sit heavy on your chest like a burden.

I feel your bones aching and your strength dwindling as the end of day nears.

I feel the heat of your body that never stops moving.

I hear the worries echoing through your mind, I feel the hopes and dreams flooding your soul, and I recognize that all-consuming love that powers you through each day.

I see you working, always working -- and I see the tension briefly melt away the moment you smile at your baby.

You don't know me, but I see you mamma -- and you're doing great.

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