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Petite Marin: Clothing with Meaning

I recently came across a beautiful children’s clothing line that’s a bit different from the rest.

Petite Marin clothing is uniquely custom, individually hand crafted, and beautifully made. But what caught my attention - in the midst of what feels like endless and monotonous clothing retailers- was that each item has the potential to carry history, memories, and connection. Each little piece has a previous owner, a valuable story, and a purpose.

I like this line for five reasons:

1. It’s clever - and I like the idea of reusing what we already have. Yay for eco-friendly clothes!

2. I like that the clothing can hold its own story. Whether that means it simply belonged to someone else, or you specifically chose the shirt to remind you of someone you love. It has history, and that’s charming.

3. It was dreamed up, created, and fashioned by two hardworking mamas. I’m all about supporting other mothers’ creative work – especially when it’s smart, sustainable, and ethically manufactured.

4. It’s stylish, playful, fresh…and the baby girl items have flutter sleeves (swoon).

5. It’s an amazing and thoughtful gift to give to someone with small children.

Although this business is green (in both senses of the word); it won’t be long before they are swarming with custom orders. Tested out by my twins, these clothes are durable, well-designed, and beautiful.

Oh and one more thing – the tags attached to the clothing are printed with the text, “plant this tag in your garden and watch wildflowers grow.” Could they be any cuter?

Petite Marin, you had me at hello.

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