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Local Business Needs Your Support in Building Outreach Programs for Children with Special Needs

A local family-run business needs your support! Orange County Speech Services is starting out the year right by setting heartfelt intentions and noteworthy business goals. Their hope is to raise enough money to purchase equipment for occupational therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy supplies for children with special needs.

Although Orange County Speech Services is a flourishing and established clinic, their newest project is to expand their outreach to those who need it most. This means new and updated equipment, as well as the ability to offer services for reduced rates (for those who need it but can’t get insurance coverage).

“The impact of reaching our $10,000 would be tremendous. Our vision is to offer our therapy services to as many children and families in our community who need and would benefit from them. In order to meet the need and demand, Orange County Speech has moved and expanded and are in great need of more equipment to support our children in our sensory gyms. We want to offer greater support for the autism community, more social groups for younger children and teens, parental training, seminars and support groups. Reaching our goal would be an unbelievable opportunity to maximize our impact on the children and families in our community,” said Elizabeth Nideffer, Director, Orange County Speech Services.

Orange County Speech Services is a local, family-run business in Huntington Beach (husband and wife with 3 young children) and their clients are a part of their extended family. Their group of highly trained therapists provides speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy to their primarily pediatric population, including children with autism and developmental delays.

As both parents and professionals, they are exposed to the extraordinary challenges that parenting a special needs child can place on a family. Using clinical research and a team approach, Orange Country Speech Services creates lasting bonds with each family as they guide them through individualized treatment plans.

Why is it so important to help Orange County Speech Services grow and expand? Because they are cheerleaders. They are community. The are resources. And they are support for children and families overcoming deep and personal struggles.

Orange County Speech Services is so graciously helping families create new beginnings through speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. In this clinic, a path is created for each and every child to succeed.

Help Orange County Speech Services make their new program a reality, make their clinic more accessable to all children, and to strengthen their presence in the community by donating here. Every little bit counts.

Every child deserves a chance.

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