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Today, I Was Enough

Originally written for Huffington Post

Today, I was a mom — and that was enough.

Today, nothing was checked off my “to-do” list.

We stayed in pajamas and let the kitchen linger with dirty dishes. We played in this room, and in that room. We played in the front yard, and in the backyard.

We didn’t race around on errands and play dates.

I didn’t prepare a nice dinner.

We didn’t go to a mommy and me class, a museum, a park, or a playdate.

I abandoned the battle of chasing my toddlers around the house with a toothbrush, and we went for a walk instead.

We read books, filled up buckets with water outside, and brought out old toys hiding away in closets.

Today, I didn’t really accomplish anything significant. I didn’t achieve anything noteworthy. Nothing exciting happened, yet everything important happened.

Today, my girls grew another day older, another day smarter, and another day stronger — and it was enough.

Today, I just hung with my girls — and it was enough.

Today, my day was simple. We weren’t in constant motion, and it was enough.

Today, I finished another day of the most difficult (and most amazing) job I’ve ever had — and it was enough.

Today, I was a mom — and that was enough.

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